Version 1.10.6 relased – A new DataLion version packed with bug fixes, improvements and new features.

You will find the following new features in the latest DataLion version:

New features :

  • Custom stylesheet for login page
  • Send notification per mail
  • Create support for executing custom features
  • Admin – delete old <label> values
  • PPTX export – calulcation variable in title
  • Table – rolling % as metric
  • Apply chart filter to multiple charts

Improvements :

  • Tables should be exported to PowerPoint as table
  • Securing AJAX chart calls
  • Use only one PPTX export method
  • Enable cache mechanism for timeline etc.
  • Set phantom options in .env
  • Add / modify ccalc parameter through chart menu
  • Add / modify rcalc parameter through chart menu
  • Admin backend – admin should be able to delete a join definition between two tables
  • Use calculation setting from charttype
  • Refactor chartTypes methods
  • Dropdown filter – should not display excluded categories from access profiles
  • Filters – Dragging a filter parent on a chart should not use excluded filters form access profiles
  • Multiselect should display only valid options according to filter dropdowns (and access profiles)
  • Table – change filters <-> subfilters in chart menu
  • Fix number formatting
  • Add chartsettings hierarchy to the ppt export
  • Navigation – use blade template
  • Table – formatting according to settings
  • Report – don’t save gfv global filters
  • Timeline – include window settings
  • Optimize tests
  • PPTX export – chart titles
  • Move methods from old to new ChartController
  • Terminate Laravel session when logging out

Bug fixes :

  • Creating polarity charts from unscaled / scaled multi charts gives different results
  • Report: Changes cannot be saved when using dropdown menu instead of tabs
  • Report tabs disappearing on resize
  • Timeline – moving sum calculation type
  • Timeline – percent with numeric values
  • Apply custom color scheme correctly
  • Table – Hiding base does not work
  • Switching from bar to timeline results in columns
  • Language settings don’t work all the time
  • Fix the calculation type handling
  • Increase spacing between columns and labels
  • Own created filtergroups cannot deleted
  • Charts overlapping in multipage PDF export
  • API – missing values handling
  • Excel export not working
  • Wordcloud – <label> root entry should not be displayed
  • Menu should be closed by default at smaller screens
  • Hide empty does not work consistently
  • Import data – error message
  • Image – fails with joins
  • PPTX export – doesn’t use filter
  • PPTX export – local changes not applied in export
  • Navigation – search box layout bug
  • Open text – IE UTF bug
  • Access profile – long excel export definition not saved
  • PPTX export – |*GFV*| not replaced
  • Timeline – stacked bars displayed as lines
  • Polarity – not working with combined questions
  • Custom CSS in report editor not visibla
  • Tab layout issues
  • Missing legend for filtered top 2 chart
  • Fix the global dropdowns when they are create from two different tables
  • Fix warning for empty report tab
  • Polarity – scale from chartsettings not used
  • PPTX export tweaks
  • Timeline – missing values not used when filters are active
  • Getchartdata – Format numbers as numbers
  • Importing data sometimes fails to calculate field widths
  • Donut – wrong precision
  • Colorschemes – fix warning
  • Wrong p_type set from charts
  • Non-existing categories are producing wrong JOINs
  • Multistack – Wrong percentuation with differing case numbers
  • Deviation chart – number format not applied
  • Nested table generates incorrect url when using the use as subfilter menu
  • PPTX export should exclude the data which is unticked in the charts multiselect
  • Hide empty not working
  • Fix warning if dynamic filter variables are present
  • Timeline – precision not correct
  • Removing a chart filter removes all filters with this ID
  • Table – fix row calculation on . combined vars
  • Table – SQL variables not working (calculation)
  • Charts not displayed in public project when not logged in
  • Open text – error

Visualizing space: The 5 most beautiful space and moon-related visualizations

In these days we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and focusing on a possible new lunar conquest by 2023. But let’s dream a bit and look at the most beautiful visualizations of the universe the Internet can offer today!
For all skywatchers our there, here’s a list of the sites to visualize data related to galaxies, space and the world around us.

Apollo 11 traject :

Experience Apollo 11’s way to the moon

Apollo 11 lunar landing told through data :

Explore this landing through a comprehensive video

Lunar conversation graph :

A beautiful infographic of lunar conversations

Deep Space Network now NSA :

The real-time status of communications with our deep space explorers, updated every 5 seconds.”>

Stuff in space :

Real-time 3D map of objects in Earth orbit, visualized using WebGL.

Asterank :

3D Interactive Asteroid Space Visualization

ISS Interactive :

3D visualization of the ISS in real-time

The Milky Way Halo :

Beautiful visualization of our galaxies and stars

Celestia space :

A beautiful free software simulation that lets you explore our universe in 3D

Github projects from Ofrohn :

Sky map, solar system map, asteroids and planets for D3.js & three.js !

BONUS: FlightRadar24

Realtime visualisation of all the planes above us