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Creating Wordclouds or Tagclouds with DataLion


Wordclouds and Tagclouds have been a very beautiful way of visualizing textual information. The relation between the measured quantity – the number of occurrences of a tag, word or phrase – and the font size is very straightforward and intuitive.

We have just implemented an easy word cloud generator in our DataLion dashboard software. An exciting feature is that it can automatically detect the data format and choose the best visualization style for you: It detects whether the data is raw text which is then split into single words and displayed according to the number of occurences. Of course you can also apply stop word lists to exclude common words like “is”, “are” or “and”.

If you try to apply a word cloud to processed data where the raw text already has been coded by researchers the software will not split the data but simply count the number of cases behind a single phrase and word and use this measure for choosing the font size.

Here’s an example of the same variable – respondents’ use of popular beauty brands taken from the market media study best for planning 2014 – in five different chart types, each one telling a slightly different story:



The same color scheme – either one of the 40+ predefined sets or your own corporate color set – will be applied to all charts in the dashboard to create a consistent visual impression. Happy experimenting with our wordclouds and tagclouds!

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