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Dashboards in DataLion – for a clear vision of your company data

Dashboards in DataLion – for a clear vision of your company's data

Dashboards have become an integral part of the daily business in many enterprises: today's companies are producing more and more data in all departments. And the demands on data analysis, visualization and availability are increasing all the time.

At the same time, today's executives have little time to dig through hundreds of tables. They need a fast, efficient overview of the most important KPIs from sales, marketing or HR.

One of the most important aspects is flexible access to the data - from the office via desktop and laptop just as on the road with tablet and smartphone. Depending on the need, complex data models should be presented as easy-to-understand charts.

Visualizing your data in a DataLion dashboard has many advantages:dashboard_market_research

  • Our browser-based approach allows to access your data from any location. No software has to be installed, maintained and updated - a current browser is sufficient.
  • DataLion provides a concise, visually appealing overview of your most important KPIs in the form of charts, dashboards and reports for marketing, sales, HR and market research.
  • With the DataLion platform, you can create powerful and interactive dashboards in individual designs with just a few clicks and share them with your team.
  • The DataLion presentation mode allows to use dashboards for live presentation of insights or key figures in meetings.
  • On request, we can also provide customized chart types, views and report templates.
  • If you would like to work on your data in the "usual" formats, you can export the charts and dashboards as PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or as images - of course in your own layout or PowerPoint master.

You are curious and want to experience DataLion live?

Then you can access a demo dashboard here. If you would like to try to create a report for yourself, you can register free of charge and test the DataLion platform a few minutes later with your individual demo account.