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Your dashboard solution for beautiful and efficient data visualization and storytelling!

DataLion Dashboard

Discover, visualize and monetize exciting insights from your marketing, research, media and BI data

Innovative Visualizations

DataLion offers exciting innovative visualizations such as networks, heatmaps, bubble charts, chord diagrams and maps – it can even integrate your own custom chart types

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Huge number of data sources

You can upload your own data into our high-performance data warehouse. But you can also connect your favorite SQL, NoSQL or Big Data databases or real-time APIs with few clicks

Responsive dashboards

Do you often need access to your data and custom reports on the road or at a client meeting? No problem. DataLion is designed in a fully responsive way and will also shine on your tablet or smartphone

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Know-how inside

Our team has decades of experience in BI, media and market research, so you'll find a lot of embedded know-how and advanced data science algorithms in DataLion such as the recommendation engine for interesting charts

Use Cases

  • Visualize the results of your in-house research for the management
  • Create compelling and easy to use dashboards for your clients with personalized logins
  • Create your own custom management reports - in your corporate identity and even with your custom chart types
  • Monetize your research studies or your data sets in the DataLion Marketplace
  • Save time and visualize very large and complex research studies with thousands of variables with a few clicks
  • Combine and access different data sources in one integrated platform
  • Get the most out of your data with statistical methods (e.g. modeling, cluster algorithms)