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Advance your business with better data analysis

Almost all companies and large corporations are data-driven nowadays. To generate knowledge, their internal consumer insights department is usually dependent on external agencies. But this world is characterized by old-fashioned software that is hard to use and cannot visualize the data in a clear and modern way.

In addition, analyses are highly dependent on data quality. To be able to analyze all data in a reliable way, all data should come in the same format and codes. But this is hardly ever the case, because software suites, online platforms and agencies are using their own proprietary data formats. This is where’ DataLion’s expertise comes into play. The software can integrate large amounts of data from different data formats, analyze them and visualize the results in an appealing manner

To visualize data in an attractive and concise way in real-time, companies need a modern, powerful and at the same time user-friendly solution for data analysis – DataLion.

Passion for Data Science

DataLion founder Dr. Benedikt Köhler is a passionate number cruncher. With his Data Science and Machine Learning teams, he will support you in all kinds of complex data analyses and calculations with custom solutions – that help to transform data into knowledge. DataLion services range from conception and implementation of your data science projects to advice on how to create your corporate Big Data strategy. And if needed, DataLion also creates custom data applications for you.

  • Data preparation
  • Data cleaning
  • Statistical / econometric modeling
  • Advertising efficiency models
  • Clickstream analyses
  • Network analyses / SNA
  • Typologies and personae
  • Custom data visualization

Custom Charts

We’re also supporting you in drafting your custom dashboards and chart types – and even implement them in a production-ready dashboard. This way, you get a reporting dashboard that is as unique as your company and your data.


Our trainings help to advance your company’s Big Data and Data Science approaches:

  • Custom trainings for Data Scientists
  • Decision-maker and operative workshops
  • Corporate Data Strategy workshop
  • Big Data workflows and process workshop
  • Technology consulting e.g. Big Data architecture and frameworks