Version 2024.1.154 released – Highlights: Define default values for dropdowns across dashboards, transparent textboxes, default columns between excel and online codebook matched automatically during upload

New Feature

  • DD-4456 Possibility to define default for dropdown filter variables across dashboards in the codebook/backend
  • DD-4485 Add chart / textbox button


  • DD-4249 Burgermenu is displayed permanently to display/hide the navigation menu (corresponding option in the user menu has been removed)
  • DD-4482 Background and Border of Textboxes can now be made transparent
  • DD-4498 Default column names in codebook are automatically recognized during codebook import (automatic matching of codebook and software column names)


  • DD-4478 It is now possible to rename data sources without corresponding data table
  • DD-4479 It is now possible to empty data sources (i.e., delete the data but keep the data source) on Exasol
  • DD-4483 Hide the „Labels“-Tab in Timeline-Chart settings
  • DD-4496 PowerPoint-Master Configurator Bugs fixed
  • DD-4507 Codebook: Lines with the value <label> are correctly exported