Version 2023.2.144 released

New Feature

– DD-4303 Deleting a codebook now can be done with deleting or keeping textboxes
– DD-4319 There’s an chart settings option to apply selected filters for instances with non-filtering custom filters


– DD-4274 The mouseover in timelines and polarity charts now displays the values with correct decimal precision
– DD-4283 Creating a table from a stacked chart with topboxes now works
– DD-4287 Short description texts can only be edited for measures in the dynamic codebook view
– DD-4316 Chart colors now apply correctly to amcharts4 charts on dashboards with a lot of charts
– DD-4320 Stacked bar with top box can now be displayed as polarity chart
– DD-4344 Tables made from topbox charts can now be sorted


– DD-4231 The user menu now has a „navigate to start page“ button from the backend
– DD-4244 In bar/column charts with topbox, the mouseover now displays the absolute value of the topbox
– DD-4318 The dropdown filter pagination now is aligned properly
– DD-4342 An unscaled stacked column chart is added to the chart types selection if not present