Version 2023.2.145 released

New Feature

  • DD-4341 Variables can now always have a filter by using filter: X in the settings column of the codebook
  • DD-4360 Values that are always displayed can be defined in the codebook under settings (a value will always be displayed even when top x are selected and the value does not appear in the top x)
  • DD-4363 Transparent backgrounds for chart footer, background, header, and border available; wordcloud uses default font and colorscheme, chartsettings popup working
  • DD-4364 Charts are loaded dynamically when visible
  • DD-4365 Sorting table by item and default sorting by item in tables without base column fixed


  • DD-4346 The layout of AmCharts4 bar charts has been improved
  • DD-4350 AmCharts4 based charts now can hide all options without throwing a JavaScript error
  • DD-4358 Codebook export now also exports the variable display column
  • DD-4362 Sorting a table without base does not use the right column
  • DD-4367 The display of the error pop up has been fixed.


  • DD-4301 Codebook upload: matching options between Excel and online codebook were improved
  • DD-4357 Support widget has been updated from ZENDESK to JIRA
  • DD-4361 The codebook export does not export dynamic labels anymore
  • DD-4372 After deleting a custom filter the navigation stays at myfilters