Version 2023.2.146 released


  • DD-4353 Bar Chart footer: n of cases displayed when axis swiched
  • DD-4354 Am4 bar/column charts: hide empty values setting added
  • DD-4373 Custom filters now working if custom_no_filter exceptions are set in chart settings
  • DD-4374 API test and fix
  • DD-4383 % in mouseover are now displayed for stacked column/bar charts
  • DD-4385 Export of 100% stacked bars / columns is identically scaled to 100% in Excel export


  • DD-4222 Improve tests
  • DD-4300 Adjust error message in DataImport
  • DD-4302 Improve differences in bar charts
  • DD-4348 Explainer tour end: redirect to startpage
  • DD-4370 Adapt column names in Codebook-Export to match Online-assignment-wording
  • DD-4377 Generate Weights as job