Version 2023.2.147 released

New Feature

  • DD-4149 GUI for dropdown filters in the report settings implemented
  • DD-4252 JSON validator has been implemented for all JSON code fields
  • DD-4394 Project-backend: data source and data table operations implemented and improved
  • DD-4397 New dashboard editing mode „Free positioning“: Elements can be placed on the screen flexibly and rotation of charts is possible
  • DD-4401 One dashboard can be set as project starting page (as alternative to designing it in HTML)


  • DD-4376 Polarity chart improvement: sorting does not change order of items in legend
  • DD-4395 Css for dashboard header: class = „pull-right“ is now „float-right“


  • DD-4312 Project backend improvement: Unnecessary „Cancel“ buttons removed for clarity
  • DD-4386 Backend: option to clone projects with/without data renamed for clarity
  • DD-4406 KPI chart improved: filters for comparison, different components of the chart can be displayed or hidden, font size can be adjusted in the chart settings
  • DD-4407 Number charts improved: selecting TOPx works properly and font sizes can be adjusted
  • DD-4409 Textboxes with SQL formulas retain „<“ and „>“ correctly (they are not converted into &lt; or &gt;)