Version 2023.2.148 released

New Feature

  • DD-4188 Chart settings improvement: option to display/hide axis and labels in charts independently
  • DD-4396 Data of existing charts can be changed after having created a chart (while keeping filter and other settings)
  • DD-4411 It is now possible to activate the option „Show all data“ in the chart settings of bar charts. This displays an „Show all data“ button in the chart if entries are limited to TOPx – clicking it shows all available entries


  • DD-4366 Wordclouds now use amcharts (chart settings carry over and are extended)
  • DD-4410 Bug fixed: Sorting by characteristic in charts with benchmark filters works
  • DD-4413 Vertical funnel chart saves metric „percent“
  • DD-4419 Dashboards can be moved to different reports


  • DD-4417 The base data table in a project can be renamed
  • DD-4208 Waterfall charts improved: possibility to filter the chart, case numbers available