Version 2024.1.157 released – Highlights: Codebook recodes, new metric (difference) in stacked charts, colorschemes can be applied with their different colors to charts

New Feature

  • DD-4549 Display additional metric: difference
  • DD-4551 Codebook recodes: automatically combine multi questions
  • DD-4552 Codebook recodes: exclude questions
  • DD-4550 Select variables in codebook script with placeholder


  • DD-4511 Different colors of a colorscheme can be applied to a chart via tick box in the chart settings
  • DD-4548 Report settings improvement: buttons aligned


  • DD-4534 Navigation bar improved: left margin removed, intuitive navigation bar behavior implemented
  • DD-4535 Embedded report shows data instead of login button
  • DD-4537 Access profile-defined dashboard filters remain visible when saving report settings
  • DD-4538 Correct recodes used for automated import
  • DD-4540 Pressing enter in „new report“ popup creates new report
  • DD-4541 Non existing filter does not cause server error message
  • DD-4542 Delete button in excel report settings keeps its height
  • DD-4543 Excel reports can be saved