Version 2024.1.158 released – Highlights: New option in codebook script, performance optimization in the report dropdown filter editor

New Feature

  • DD-4574 Codebook script: it is now possible to create formula categories


  • DD-4504 Create one reusable search field and apply it to all search fields
  • DD-4560 Wording in search field for unique_ID shortened
  • DD-4583 Performance optimization of the report dropdown filter editor


  • DD-4315 Mouseovers consistently do not display when switched off in backend
  • DD-4523 Single chart pdf export for radial, bubble etc. working as intended
  • DD-4557 Clicking on „create target group“ automatically opens filter menu
  • DD-4558 „Show navigation on home page“ button works correctly
  • DD-4561 Report without owner does not create an error message anymore and the report navigation is displayed correctly
  • DD-4563 Excel export for multiring now works
  • DD-4573 PDF export of single charts working for all chart types