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Powerful and user-friendly statistics software – a contradiction? Not at all! The web-based DataLion data analysis software allows you to evaluate even large amounts of data quickly and easily and display the results in a very concise and comprehensible DataLion dashboard.

Your employees don’t have to apply annoying formulas or try to unify formats. They simply create interactive reports that are automatically updated. This way, you will gain valuable insights that will help your business! All data will be visualized in an understandable and high-quality design. We’re bringing back the fun to data analysis!


DataLion Data analytics tools

Dashboards are an important part of your business. The volume of data that is produced in companies every day is growing. And so is the need for data access, preparation and visualization as well.

The information hidden in many companies’ data jungles can be essential for decision-makers. They need an overview of the most important KPIs from sales, marketing, and HR. Quick and visually attractive – even on the road!

Mobile first
Access your dashboards and reports wherever you are. The DataLion dashboard software is adapting to different screen sizes of smartphones, tablets and desktops.
Fullscreen mode
All data at one glance. The fullscreen mode gives your dashboards and your insights full attention. This way, you can support meetings with maximum information and content.
DataLion Data analytics tools
50 chart types
More than 50 pre-defined chart types enable you to design your dashboards in a diverse and visually compelling way. And if this is not enough, you will be able to integrate your own JavaScript-based custom chart types.
If you need your data in a “usual” file format later, you can always export your charts and dashboards as PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or image files. Of course, in your own layout and PowerPoint master. This enables you to create complete presentations within a few minutes, which normally take hours or days.

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Data sources in DataLion

DataLion Dashboard Software is able to work with data from a number of different sources:

The import module allows importing all usual data formats from market research and marketing into the DataLion data warehouse. Supported formats are among others: CSV, Excel, SPSS, Triple-S, Quantum. Further formats can be added at any time.

  • binary for dashboard data sources - dashboard tools
  • ascii for data sources in dashboard platform
  • csv file for data sources in data analytics platform
  • xls file for data sources in KPI data analytics tools
  • IBM SPSS for data sources in business analysis tools
  • exavo in business analysis tools
  • triple-s in in business analysis tools
The DataLion connectors allow you to connect your dashboards to all important databases and Big Data systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Google Big Query, Apache Spark, Hadoop

  • dashboard database My SQL in the dashboard software
  • PostgreSQL databases in dashboard solution
  • Microsoft_SQL Server databases in dashboard solution, dashboard software
  • MEMSQL databases solution for data analytics
  • Databases Apache Drill in solution for data analytics, dashboard tools
  • Apache Kafka databases for KPI dashboard software, dashboard tools
  • Apache Spark databases for KPI dashboard software, dashboard tools
  • Mongo DB databases in solution for data analytics tools
Real-time data sources can be connected through the DataLion API.

  • Amazon Webservices Real-time data sources API in data visualization solution
  • Real-time data sources API Salesforce in dashboard tools
  • Real-time data sources API Google Analytics in data visualization tools
  • Real-time data sources API Google Drive in data visualization tools
  • Real-time data sources API Google Cloud Platform in data visualization solution
  • Real-time data sources API Survey Monkey in our dashboard tools
  • Real-time data sources API Twitter in data analytics platform, dashboard tools

Dashboards and reports

The DataLion software allows everybody in your company to create dashboards and multi-page reports with just a few mouse clicks.

DataLion Dashboard software KPI reports, dashboard tools
Corporate Identity
The DataLion platform can be completely adapted to your Corporate Identity – from colors and fonts to exporting dashboards in your PowerPoint master.
Create valuable benchmarks with a few clicks and apply filters and target groups to them.
Once created, your dashboards and reports will update automatically whenever new data is available.

Data Security

The security of your data is always the center of our attention in our Dashboard Software. We rely on ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany to store our clients’ data. If needed, we also offer to install our software on-premise on your own servers.

Of course, all data is backed up regularly, so that we can also restore the status quo of the last weeks.

DataLion Dashboard Software is only accessible through secure communication channels. We can also limit access to your IP addresses so that only computers in your corporate network can access your data.

Users can be connected to different roles that define which functions and data they can access. From simple viewer to a multi-project administrator.

Check DataLion Privacy Policy Here: DataLion’s Privacy Policy

Internet of Things

DataLion Dashboard software IOT, BI solutions

Our platform DataLion Live based on Apache Kafka allows you to connect a sensor or other IoT device data to your dashboards, so you can see all data the moment it is generated.


Realtime dashboard reports in DataLion software, dashboard tools

Out connectors to web tracking and analytics software or Social Media Monitoring allow you to monitor and visualize your data in real-time.

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