The DataLion software is used in many different environments as a data analytics solution.

From agencies to associations and Business Intelligence departments in large companies, your management or your customers expect fast and efficient data analytics solutions, sound interpretations and up-to-date reports that summarize the key aspects.

Associations Dashboards Solution

Enable your members to access your studies' data and monetize your Data.


Developed by market researchers for market researchers - with a lot of features that save your time.

Data analytics for Agencies

With DataLion, you can create campaign reports with just a few clicks and combine them with live data.

Human Ressources

With your HR cockpit in HR dashboards solution, all important key figures are always in view in your data analytics strategy In DataLion, you can create key figure cockpits for the HR dashboards using Drag & Drop. In this way, you always keep an...


Creating reports for your studies will be as easy as a mouse click.

Marketing Data Solutions

Keep track of all your company's marketing activities with DataLion.


Media companies from TV, Online, Radio and Print use DataLion to generate insights about their target groups.


Visualize sales data from your CRM with DataLion reports and keep on top of your sales activities.

Startups Dashboard Solution

Just a few clicks away from a visually convincing investors' reporting.

DataLion Executive Suite - Ready-made high-quality business dashboards

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