Marketing Data Solutions

Marketing Data Solutions with DataLion

Keep track of all your company’s marketing channels, Marketing Data Solutions with DataLion Dashboard software & Data Analytics tools.

DataLion delivers a 360° view of all your marketing channels from classic to Social Media and programmatic advertising. Your performance can be monitored and optimized in real-time with many lucid visualization types.

Create interactive reports with a few clicks and present them at your meetings in the DataLion Dashboard software & Data Analytics tools fullscreen mode.

Move forward with your data

Marketing Data Solutions with mobile dashboards

Thanks to our advanced charts in DataLion Marketing Data Solutions & Data Social, you can monitor your data closer, advance your data analytics & business analytics quality:


    • Facebook fans, likes, comments, pages


    • Twitter followers, retweets, favorites, answers


    • Instagram followers, likes, comments


    • Linkedin posts, reposts, likes, comments


    • Youtube subscribers, views and comments


    • Newsletter subscribers


    and a lot more!

Interested in DataLion Data Solutions?

We will be happy to demonstrate our dashboard software to you on the basis of a sample project or create an individual offer for your human resources dashboard.

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