Dashboard software for Media businesses

Media companies from TV, Online, Radio and Print use DataLion Dashboard software for Media businesses to generate insights about their target groups and create appealing reports for their customers.

Dashboard software for Media business

Benchmarking functions help our clients to generate campaign reports that resonate with their clients and allows them to compare their success with other campaigns.
Furthermore, DataLion is supporting their yield optimization and helps to visualize their sales predictions with management reports.

Create analyses in your Corporate Identity with a few clicks as interactive reports and share them with your colleagues or other departments in your company.

Improve your KPI forecasts

DataLion dashboard software is the solution for managing all data for your media businesses, you will be able to make statistical analyses of your user data and make future forecasts
– What will be the next successful short film?
– What time is my audience best?
– How much should my advertising insert cost?
All these questions, often accessible after laborious work, become very easy to use and intuitive thanks to DataLion Data analytics solution!

Dashboard Software for Media

DataLion Data analytics tools, Dashboard software for Media businesses

Dashboards are an important part of your business. The volume of data that is produced in companies every day is growing. And so is the need for data access, preparation and visualization as well.

The information hidden in many companies’ data jungles can be essential for decision-makers. They need an overview of the most important KPIs from sales, marketing, and HR. Quick and visually attractive – even on the road!

Mobile first
Access your dashboards and reports wherever you are. The DataLion dashboard software is adapting to different screen sizes of smartphones, tablets and desktops.
Fullscreen mode
All data at one glance. The fullscreen mode gives your dashboards and your insights full attention. This way, you can support meetings with maximum information and content.
DataLion Data analytics tools, Dashboard software for Media business
50 chart types
More than 50 pre-defined chart types enable you to design your dashboards in a diverse and visually compelling way. And if this is not enough, you will be able to integrate your own JavaScript-based custom chart types.
If you need your data in a “usual” file format later, you can always export your charts and dashboards as PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or image files. Of course, in your own layout and PowerPoint master. This enables you to create complete presentations within a few minutes, which normally take hours or days.

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