With DataLion, you can create campaign reports with just a few clicks and combine them with live data from your webtracking or ad server. But you can also import data from media planning tools. The software allows you to measure, compare and visualize the success of your campaigns using dynamic benchmarks.

DataLion reports and our agency-specific extensions enable you to gather important insights for campaign optimization – in real-time and without the hassle of copy & paste.

Structate your data

DataLion will allow you to search, modify, simplify and give beauty to your work and data. Our solution is fully and simplily accessible from a web browser. You will just have to give some main groups of your data, and add some interpretations and titles to them. Then, Datalion will use its artificial intelligence to give you graphs that correlate with what you need.

This will cost you less money but will also allow you to be independent. All our reports will be accessible on the web browser via our interface, and you can export your data to PowerPoint or Excel in real formats! (graphics and data will be fully editable on Microsoft Office, it will not be simples’ screenshots of the graphics)

Be completely free on your choices

We have included more than 40 types of graphics in our software, but it is completely free for you to create new ones.