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DataLion is the easy-to-use web-based software for dashboards, business intelligence, market research and IoT. That’s why our DataLion dashboard software lets you easily visualize and analyze large volumes of data in dashboards. This will give you valuable insights through automated interactive reports and understandable dashboards with various charts.

The web-based DataLion software presents the results of your analyses to non-experts in a comprehensible and clear way.

DataLion dashboard software for data analysis:
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Some of our clients

  • dashboard tools for Psyma
  • dashboard tools for Seven One Media
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  • dashboard software for eBay
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  • ubirch

Version 2022.1 released

The new version DataLion 2022.1 is here!

Queries optimized for more speed
DataLion creates weights for you
Optimized XY bubblechart
Swap rows/columns in tables
Initiate updates yourself
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A detailed list of the changes can be found in our help center.

To the Changelog

Secure Dashboards, Secure Data

Our DataLion data warehouse is located in Germany and is ISO 27001 certified. We’re ready for your data upload.

Or you can connect your own SQL, NoSQL, or Big Data databases.

With a few clicks.

Flexible & Responsive Dashboards

In the taxi on your smartphone or on the tablet at your client meeting: Your Datalion dashboard is always there.

Completely tailored to your needs and adapted to your corporate design.

Dashboards on the road

Experience in Data Science

Decades of experience in marketing & market research, media and BI are the foundation of the DataLion software and its statistical algorithms.

Our promise: Importing data with a few clicks, complex calculations, aggregations, weighted data and benchmarks.

Our experience is your advantage.

We are here for you

Feeling lost in the data jungle and your data strategy is only at the beginning? Your calculations and analyzes are too complex? Need help with setup or a custom visualization?

Our data science team is supporting you with custom solutions and training.

Our data science services for you

In the press

  • data analysis tools for Horizont
  • data analysis tools for
  • data analysis tools for Kontakter
  • data analysis tools for Lead digital
  • data analysis tools for Planung & Analyse
  • data analysis tools for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


  • reporting tools for i-com
  • reporting tools for SXSW
  • reporting tools for Starta-Hadoop World

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