In most companies, operational market research is the queen of the data jungle and sits directly at the water point of the “data lake”, where all other departments in the company make use of.

In reality, working with data – from small ad-hoc studies to large basic surveys – means a lot of effort.

  • The creation of reports consists to a large extent of time-consuming and error-prone copy & paste from one software to the next.
  • Often the data is in a format that nobody can use (ASCII, binary).
  • At the same time the management expects perfectly designed infographics – and best of all already yesterday
  • The market research department is involved in every evaluation, however small, of product management, marketing or research
  • But you don’t see all the work that has been put into one report anymore, and the next one is already at the door.

The web-based analysis and visualization software DataLion was developed by market researchers for market researchers to put an end to these challenges. So that data evaluation is fun again! Our software contains more than 40 years of experience in market and media research.

Complex data? No problem! DataLion comes with every conceivable feature for market research data, so you don’t have to worry about weighting, multiple answers or varying survey periods.

Get the data under control
Egal which format, from CSV over SPSS up to institute specific binary formats. Once adapted, DataLion allows you to import your data records from the institutes with just a few mouse clicks.
Data analysis for everyone in the company
Enable your colleagues to carry out target group or industry studies themselves. So that you can spend your time with the really complex questions.
Save time and avoid mistakes
With DataLion you are always on the safe side. Instead of different Excel and SPSS file versions at different locations in the intranet, everyone now always access the same data set – the Single Source of Truth.
Elegant and up-to-date reports
Reports in DataLion only need to be created once. As soon as new data is available, the reports are automatically updated. No more copy & paste.
Convince visually from the start
In DataLion, use your corporate CI from Powerpoint Master to images and color palettes for charter generation. We are happy to implement your individual chart types for an unmistakable handwriting in your data presentations.

We are there for you

We are happy to help you, for example

  • with a 15-minute webinar where we show you how to make life easier with dashboards
  • in a short telephone call, in which we discuss with you which next steps you can take to optimize your data strategy in market research
  • with a demo account for DataLion, which we are happy to “feed” with your own data (also test data possible)

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