For Market Research Institutes, with DataLion, creating reports for your data analytics studies will be as easy as a mouse click.

Our powerful and flexible data import module allows researchers in research institutes to automatically import the data from your survey software at regular intervals. Any number of variables can be computed or recorded with each import. Analyzing weighted data with multiple weights is a breeze with DataLion dashboard software.

Create user roles or groups for all of your clients, so that every account can only see its own data. With report templates, you can create reports in a flash. And with every new wave of your data, all your dashboards and reports will be automatically updated.

Dashboard functions for market research institutes

The most important functions of DataLion dashboard software for market research institutes

W&V Dashboard, dashboard for marktforschungsinstitute, market research institutes

DataLion is a web-based software solution providing data analyzes for many market research institutes in Germany and Europe. We offer a variety of functions, including:

  • Analysis of market research data as well as all company and BI data
  • Suitability for a wide variety of data formats and sources
  • Possibility to import data from survey software via API
  • Automatic import of SPSS data
  • Integration of multiple databases in one project or dashboard
  • Integration of formulas, metrics, benchmarks specialist function for market research institutes
  • Creation of complex volumes of tables with significance, average, and top 2 values, NPS scores, nested column headings, weights, etc.
  • Intuitive creation of charts with an almost unlimited selection of chart types. If necessary, programming of customized diagrams
  • Flexible merging of charts, tables, text fields, images and videos into meaningful dashboards
  • Reports in customer CI and in the style of a presentation by market research institutes
  • Granular assignment of usage authorizations to internal and external users within the scope of the license
  • Embedding of charts and dashboards as iFrame in every website including fully functional filters
  • Export in PowerPoint as editable Charts, Dashboards und Reports
  • Export in Excel, PDF, JPG, etc.

Dashboards and reports for market research institutes

Marktforschungsinstitute dashboard software, dashboard for market research institutesAll your studies and databases can be easily combined in a graphical interface and thus make them intuitively available – either in independent dashboards or directly linked in a report integrated into several sources and databases.

With individual master templates, DataLion enables you to have fully automated PowerPoint exports as fully editable and further processable charts.

DataLion – made with ❤in Bavaria and with individual service, found by Researcher specialized function for market research institutes

✔hosted in Germany ISO-certified data center
✔ browser-based software
✔ responsive
✔ comprehensive personal service
✔ detailed Tutorials and FAQs
✔ adaptable to your CI

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