DataLion Social

Analyze Social Media without keywords or complicated queries

Social Media is an exciting and very relevant data source on consumers and audiences. But setting up a Social Media monitoring platform is often very complicated and takes time:

  • Depending on topic and industry, defining the right keywords can be very hard
  • Search is complicated (AND / OR / NOT)
  • Excluding spam doesn’t always work
  • Too much information often distorts the view
  • Hard to detect trends if you don’t know their name yet.

DataLion Social

We have developed DataLion Social to enable you to do trend analyses in Social Media without having to figure out keywords or queries. To achieve this, we have transferred the well-proven panel methods from marketing research to Social Media. This way, consumers and topics can be continuously analyzed and trends will be automatically detected and reported.



Our web-based software is so intuitive you don’t have to read a manual


DataLion Social enables jump-starts your analyses without having to define keywords or topics


All insights are presented in a very concise and clear way


We use machine learning algorithms to identify and visualize trends

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