Media companies from TV, Online, Radio and Print use DataLion to generate insights about their target groups and create appealing reports for their customers.

Benchmarking functions help our clients to generate campaign reports that resonate with their clients and allows them to compare their success with other campaigns.
Furthermore, DataLion is supporting their yield optimizing and helps to visualize their sales predictions with management reports.

Create analyses in your Corporate Identity with a few clicks as interactive reports and share them with your colleagues or other departments in your company.

Improve your forecasts

DataLion is the solution for managing all your data, you will be able to make statistical analyses of your user data and make future forecasts
– What will be the next successful short film?
– What time is my audience best?
– How much should my advertising insert cost?
All these questions, often accessible after a laborious work, become very easy to use and intuitive thanks to DataLion!