Top Data Science Influencers: CEO Benedikt Köhler among the Top 50 Data Science Influencers

We are beyond thrilled that our CEO and founder Dr. Benedikt Köhler is on the list of the Top 50 Data Science Influencers. The list was published by Cognilytica in mid-August 2018. Let’s follow Benedikt on Twitter: @furukama.

CEO Benedikt Köhler among the Top 50 Data Science Influencers

The world of data can be chaos! New technologies, tools, products and the ever-changing industry dynamics—there sure is a lot to keep up with. So, follow the greatest in the world of data science influencers and simply hang on to their every word to keep up with all the important changes and trends in data science.

Ron Schmelzer, Managing Director of Cognilytica, explains why Benedikt Köhler stands out in the Top Data Science Influencers list as follows: “The criteria for inclusion in the list were the evaluation of the contributions in the field of data science, the reach and the commitment of the researchers within Twitter. The person’s influence within the research area was determined by the extent to which the person’s posts were re-tweeted or shared and were seminal in nature. With over 31.6k tweets and several thousand followers, as well as a clear position as a data science thought leader, Dr. Köhler is definitely on the 2018 list! We will also keep it in focus for the 2019 ranking. ”

This list is designed to recognize emerging talent in the fields of data and analytics – mostly entrepreneurs and up-and-coming talent who are informing, educating and inspiring others through data. They come from different sectors and backgrounds – from data architecture to visualization. The one thing that unites them is their passion for data.

This list is a tribute to their efforts to help individuals and organizations become more data-driven. Most of them are regular speakers on these topics, and often share invaluable gems of knowledge across their social channels.

So follow them to keep a close eye on their respective journeys. The list below is not a ranking, but a resource for data enthusiasts and professionals to connect with emerging talent and influencers in the data space.