DataLion at the Digital Challenge 2018

In mid-June, numerous specialists and interested parties from agencies, institutes and companies got together in Munich in order to discuss the latest developments in digitization.

We were very much excited to be there as well: our CEO and founder Dr. Benedikt Köhler introduced the new world of data science. In a live example, he demonstrated how one can use Foursquare to avoid being marked as a tourist when visiting an unknown new city. Continue reading “DataLion at the Digital Challenge 2018”

Smart Data – Digital Challenges with DataLion in Munich

We are proud to be holding speeches in two events in just one week about Smart Data & Digital challenges.

It all starts on Monday, the 11th of June at the Travel Industry Club. Our CEO and founder Dr. Benedikt Köhler will be talking about how the travel industry can make use of smart data. The event is taking place at Schweiger´s Kochschule and starts at 06.30 pm. You can find more information here.

how the travel industry can make use of smart data Continue reading “Smart Data – Digital Challenges with DataLion in Munich”

Blockchain visualizations: 7 most beautiful Bitcoin visualizations

What is the Blockchain?

To understand blockchain and bitcoin visualizations, let’s first understand what is Blockchain?
The idea of money and currencies as flows in networks is not new. German sociologist Georg Simmel put forth similar ideas in his Philosophy of Money. With Bitcoin, we finally have a currency that not only links people (or: nodes) together in financial transactions, but the whole network is transparent.
Experts argue that the currency is just one of many applications that can be built on the Blockchain algorithm and database powering Bitcoin. This way of linking nodes can be used to weave authentication layers in all sorts of networked applications e.g. the Internet of Things.

The best Bitcoin and Blockchain visualizations

This combination of open and transparent data available through various interfaces or APIs in combination with a networked data structure should be a jackpot for data visualizers and information designers. So we took a look around to find the most impressive ways of visualizing the Bitcoin transaction flows. Some of the following blockchain visualizations even come with recipes.

Continue reading “Blockchain visualizations: 7 most beautiful Bitcoin visualizations”