Visualizing space: The 5 most beautiful space and moon-related visualizations

In these days we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and focusing on a possible new lunar conquest by 2023. But let’s dream a bit and look at the most beautiful visualizations of the universe the Internet can offer today!
For all skywatchers our there, here’s a list of the sites to visualize data related to galaxies, space and the world around us.

Apollo 11 traject :

Experience Apollo 11’s way to the moon

Apollo 11 lunar landing told through data :

Explore this landing through a comprehensive video

Lunar conversation graph :

A beautiful infographic of lunar conversations

Deep Space Network now NSA :

The real-time status of communications with our deep space explorers, updated every 5 seconds.”>

Stuff in space :

Real-time 3D map of objects in Earth orbit, visualized using WebGL.

Asterank :

3D Interactive Asteroid Space Visualization

ISS Interactive :

3D visualization of the ISS in real-time

The Milky Way Halo :

Beautiful visualization of our galaxies and stars

Celestia space :

A beautiful free software simulation that lets you explore our universe in 3D

Github projects from Ofrohn :

Sky map, solar system map, asteroids and planets for D3.js & three.js !

BONUS: FlightRadar24

Realtime visualisation of all the planes above us