Version 1.10.5 released – Calculated columns and PowerPoints with several charts on one slide

You will find the following new features in the latest DataLion version:

  • Export as PowerPoint with several charts on one page (in some cases it may be necessary to call and save the export configuration in the administration backend)
  • Tables can now also contain calculated columns and rows (e.g. growth rates or rolling totals)
  • Nested tables can also contain calculated columns.
  • Number charts can now be formatted as percentages with different decimal places
  • Names of rows and columns can be customized
  • You can specify the lifetime in the cache setting
  • Administrators can send notifications to users by mail
  • Access profiles can also be based on dynamic questions
  • When you copy a report, copies of the chart settings and shows/hides are also created.
  • Table links can be set up in the backend by dropdown
  • The API backend can now also calculate mean values
  • Time series charts can now contain several characteristics and filters